Hello! I'm Tamsyn Jade.


I'm charmed by the big, the small & the in-between of it all. I want to make moments out of even the mundane with you. Capture the way your loved one places their hand upon your chest. Your child's toothy (or toothless) grin when they do *that* thing that makes you belly laugh. Document a new chapter in the book that is your life, or its final prose. I long to see you sing in the kitchen. Dance in your garden. Say, "I do".
Witness you begin, and begin again.

Let's make a keepsake.
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My favourite pictures are almost always the ones we didn't plan for. A real keepsake, to me, is the tangible token of a feeling once felt. 

I like to blend in with you & yours during our session; to allow for the magic of your family to unfold completely naturally. I'm not big on posing prompts or giving much direction.

What I will encourage is for you to be as present as you can during our time together.

To use it as a moment to slow down and be really connected to your kin. To revel in one another.

Kind Words.

Kind Words.


We haven't stopped talking about it. <3 Thank *you* for bringing your calm, open self into our space and allowing us to feel so natural and at ease. We genuinely can't wait to see the pics"
S & B

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